Guideline for abstract submission

As part of the submission, you can submit a lecture either for a minisymposium by 10.11.2017 or to a section until 01.12.2017.

In addition, it is also possible to submit a poster in the area of ​​the GDM or the interface. There is a section “Poster GDM” and a section “Poster Interface” in the abstract system which should be selected for poster submissions.

You will find an overview of all symposia here and a list of all planned sections here.

In order to submit an abstract, the following information are required:
Presenting author (Name, e-mail, institution), titel and text of the abstract, required minisymposium or section for the talk and an alternative section.

Please take note of the following guidelines:

for the presenting authors:

  • It is possible to submit a lecture as a leading main author. Since you can only be main author one time, this submission is only possible once.
  • As a co-author you can be on several submitted lectures.
  • Please also indicate your co-authors (with the possibility to differentiate between presentint and non-presenting co-author)

for your talk:

  • Titel (max. 200 signs)
  • Abstract (max. 600 signs): Here you can either copy your abstract from a text file or use latex code directly. The system converts your input into a PDF file in the next step if all entries were correct.
  • Requested minisymposium or section and an alternative section, in case your speech is not accepted in the minisymposium.

For security reasons, you are automatically logged out of the system after 1 hour. Therefore, it is recommended to formulate the text in an extra file before submission.

If you would like to submit your proposal in LaTeX, please use the template provided by us.